Heart of Texas Tres Dias held our first weekends in the Spring of 2011 with the generous assistance of South East Texas and North Texas Tres Dias. The Tres Dias weekend begins on Thursday evening and concludes late Sunday afternoon.

Each Spring and Fall, HTTD sponsors individual weekends for men and women. For married couples, the husband goes on a weekend first. Each attendee, called a “Candidate”, has a Sponsor who prays for the Candidate and provides assistance to help make the Candidate’s three days on the weekend free from responsibilities elsewhere. Sponsors act as a resource for their Candidate after the Weekend. The weekends are centered around talks given by Lay and Clergy Team Members which present Biblically based Christian truths and the implications of such truths to our daily lives. During the weekend, the candidates worship and study together. The atmosphere of a Tres Dias weekend is one of love, joy, patience, hope, Christian fellowship, sharing, singing, participation, laughing, and worship.

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