Weekend Fees

Fee Amounts

Candidate application fee: $25

Candidate final payment: $150

Candidate total payment: $175

Team Member fee: $200

Payment options: Zelle or Paypal. Zelle is a fee free payment platform while Paypal charges the community a fee. For all payments no matter what platform, please notate what the payment is for, i.e. Team Meeting meals, Candidate application fee with name, Meat Cha donation, ect.

If paying through Zelle, open up your bank app and navigate to the Zelle payment page. There you can either add a new recipient using email address HTTDPayments@gmail.com or if viewing this website on a different device, you can scan the QR code below.

If paying though PayPal, click the link below that will take you directly to the community PayPal account.

HTTD PayPal Account page

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